Scale Guide

Gunpla kits generally come in several scales, based on how the model would measure up to an actual Gundam. There are several models that defy this scale, but they’re fewer and farther between. Here are the most common scales you’ll see in the world of Gunpla:

  • SDBB: They are the smallest and have the least parts out of all the series. They are extremely easy to build but I don't recommend them to beginners. A decent-looking SDBB build requires a lot of skill including painting and masking.
  • 1/144: Real Grade and High Grade models are available on this scale. Usually, they are beginner-friendly and easy to build. RG kit has a lot of small parts so you need to read the manual carefully. They are the best kit for snap build. RG kit usually looks decent even without repaint.
  • 1/100: Master Grade kit is the intermedium grade of Gunpla model kits. Because of Its size, It will look more powerful than the small-scale kit. The great details of the inner frame are characteristic.
  • 1/60: Perfect Grade is the final boss of all Gunpla series from Bandai. Bandai uses their best technology they have at the time to design each PG kit. With the Insane detail and Inner frame expose gimmick, it will bring you unprecedented experiences.
  • 1/48: This is commonly known as Mega Size. It’s huge but there are only a select few available kits, so you don’t see it very often.
  • 1/12: These are usually used for display at hobby shops.
  • 1/1: All right, you can’t actually make one of these, but you can go see it in Japan!